RPMS最重视满足儿童的需要.  We seek to create an intimate environment in an urban setting that nurtures all who are part of the 社区 - children, 父母, 和工作人员.

Our classes are a multi-age, three-year grouping, in keeping with the Montessori practice. 混合年龄组提供同伴教学, 角色建模, 领导经验, 增强课堂内的社区意识.

RPMS values arts education and provides resources for art, music, drama, and Spanish programming. 所有的学生, 从最小的到最大的, are taught the values fundamental to Montessori education: peace; care of 环境; 尊重ing and celebrating 多样性; and engendering a sense of our place in the global 社区.

A highly dedicated and skilled group of 教ers and administrators create an educational program of the highest quality. We depend upon committed and involved 父母 to contribute time, talent, and financial resources. RPMS 父母 partner with the school to provide children with a nurturing and secure environment that gives them the stability they need to explore the world at large.


"Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which 这个孩子 engages and try to understand them."


蒙台梭利教育是由蒙台梭利博士的工作和著作指导的. 玛丽亚·蒙台梭利(1870-1952), an Italian educator who has influenced educational practices world-wide for over 100 years.

The Montessori method is based on educating the whole child from birth to early adulthood. 其核心是, 哲学引导正规的棋牌平台排行榜跟随孩子, which assumes that every child is a unique individual who is naturally driven to grow, 开发, 和学习.

整个儿童的发展包括 unfolding of the human spirit and the growth of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive learning. At RPMS we place the highest value on preparing 这个孩子 to be thoughtful, 参与社会的成员, as well as academically prepared to face the challenges of our ever changing society.

教育目标包括向孩子们灌输对学习的热爱, 做出适当学习选择的能力, 以及对自己的尊重, 其他的人, 以及他们的物理环境. The application of Montessori practices allows 这个孩子 to explore and be curious, learn at their own pace and to be a contributing member of their classroom 社区.



Bringing the Montessori 哲学 to life requires tremendous care and preparation on the part of 成人 in the classroom. 蒙台梭利课堂由以下三个部分组成:

  • 这个孩子
  • 环境
  • 成人


在蒙台梭利环境中, the individual child is regarded with profound 尊重 and we understand each child learns at his/her own pace and style. 幼儿经历学习的敏感时期. These are times when a child is especially receptive to acquiring certain knowledge or skills.

Since the classroom environment provides a rich array of learning materials and activities, 鼓励孩子们选择合适的工作, 并在课堂上独立操作. 当他们体验到掌握一项任务或技能的满足感时, 孩子们被激励着进一步挑战自己.

"孩子们 人类对谁 尊重 is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future." 



The Montessori classroom is designed to meet the 开发mental needs and interests of 这个孩子. 孩子的学习能力是无限的. 当他们准备好时,他们能够通过课程进步, 不受小组进步的限制.

Materials common to all Montessori schools have been researched and 开发ed over decades of classroom use. 个别教师也会带来她/他开发的独特材料. The 教er takes great care in crafting 环境 so that materials are arranged sequentially, 孩子们有一个舒适的工作空间, 还有身体活动的自由.

“环境本身会  这个孩子, 如果他犯的每一个错误对他来说都是显而易见的, 没有父母或老师的干预,他们应该保持 安静的观察者 所有发生的事情."



教师的角色是充当引导者, 将孩子与课堂上的材料和活动联系起来.  The 教er prepares the physical environment and provides the necessary guidance and instruction so students can work independently, 他们的工作进展, 并在社交和情感上茁壮成长.

课程以个人或小组形式呈现. The 教er monitors progress through observations and frequent interaction. 在初级阶段, 教ers have regular conferences with children and regularly review their daily/weekly work. The 教er actively ensures the safety of 这个孩子ren through mutually understood ground rules that emphasize 尊重 for the individual and 环境.

"A 教er's task is not to talk but to prepare and arrange a series of motives for cultural activity in a special environment made for 这个孩子."




With acceptance of the commonly shared belief that children are the key to promoting peace, 在这段旅程中帮助孩子是成年人的责任. Both 父母 and 教ers play a vital role in providing guidance and 角色建模 for children in alternative ways of thinking and acting.

和平教育是学校生活的重要组成部分. We help children 开发 an awareness of and 尊重 for the dignity and 多样性 of life in general. 它延伸到尊重所有生物(宇宙教育), and embracing our individual responsibility to care for 环境 in which we live.


                                                                  ——约翰·F. 肯尼迪


  • 建设性问题解决的教学策略
  • 建立不容忍欺凌行为的安全氛围
  • 培养社区意识 
  • 尊重彼此和个人信仰
  • 爱护一切生灵
  • 发展有助于表达感情和思想的语言
  • 让孩子们接触世界各地的地理和文化
  • Gaining a fuller understanding of the role we play in the global 社区
  • Teaching children 关于 环境 and how to preserve our fragile planet
  • Helping children acquire age-appropriate techniques to resolve problems peacefully


“人类的需求是普遍的. 正规的棋牌平台排行榜满足这些需求的方式创造了地球的丰富性和多样性. 蒙台梭利儿童应该逐渐享受这种多样性的质感. Cosmic education will allow 这个孩子 to 开发 a kind of 哲学 which 教es him/her the unity of the universe. This is the very thing to organize his/her intelligence and principles and give him/her better insight into their own task and place in the world."

Cosmic education is 这个孩子's gradual discovery of the inter-relatedness of all things on earth, 过去的, 现在和将来.  符合正规的棋牌平台排行榜的使命和价值观, 教ing our children 尊重 and an appreciation for cultural 多样性 is fundamental to our core beliefs.

文化多样性在课堂上得到拥抱和庆祝, reflecting the diverse views of families represented in the parent body and wider 社区.  儿童暴露于 a variety of cultural and religious traditions throughout the school year.   

这是正规的棋牌平台排行榜教师义不容辞的责任, 父母, and children to 尊重 and support the diverse nature of our 社区 and foster a sense of acceptance.





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